Jiangmen solar umbrella skeleton wholesale: maintenance points and cleaning methods of advertising umbrella

2021-12-22 642

  Advertising umbrella is a commonly used advertising product. In the enterprise's publicity activities, it can not only provide the staff with the effect of shading, but also the advertising information on the umbrella surface can be exposed to the pedestrians, which can play the intention of establishing the brand image.

  The key to the protection of advertising umbrella

  When adjusting the angle of the universal swivel, hold the umbrella rod with one hand and the distal end of the universal swivel with the other hand. Remember not to pull the umbrella rod with brute force.

  The umbrella is divided into two straight bars and three folding sections. After reaching the fishing point, select the place with less bricks and stones. First insert two sections to stabilize the bottom, and then install the main umbrella in the future.

  When the wind is strong, pay attention to the use of windproof rope to adjust the umbrella surface angle together to avoid the wind and reduce the resistance. Remember not to put the umbrella against the wind. If the wind is strong, simply blow the umbrella over. Advertising umbrella manufacturers remind you that if you choose high-quality products, the wind resistance will be much stronger.


  Cleaning method of advertising umbrella

  Method 1: wash with self-made cleaning solution. This cleaning solution is mixed with washing spirit, white vinegar and clean water. It is easy to remove the stains when using it to brush the umbrella. Wash the umbrella with clean water.

  Method 2: soak the umbrella with washing powder for a longer time, and then rinse it with a soft brush and clean it. Remember to open and dry the cleaned umbrella.

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